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Accounting Synonyms
17 synonyms of accounting from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 21 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for accounting. Cite this Entry
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“accounted for”
I would say something like “Asegurarse de que todos los empleados están presentes”, however the phrase “to be accounted for” in English indicates that the location of all are known, whether or not they are present.Can anyone help me with a better way to
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February 2, 2021 coronavirus news
The results: They found that adults aged 20 to 49 accounted for about 72.2% of Covid-19 infections after schools reopened in October. Less than 5% of infections came from children, and less than
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Do we really need pandemics to reduce emissions? …

We need another way — to build back better,” said Looney. According to BP’s Statistical Review of World Energy, China’s carbon dioxide emissions increased by 3.4 percent last year, higher
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‘Horrifying’ death toll prompts calls to prioritise jabs for …

People with disabilities in England should be given priority for vaccination against Covid-19, according to leading charities, after official data showed that they accounted for 60 per cent of all
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Flexitax – New Zealand’s most flexible way to pay …

“While IRD is thinking about how business should pay tax in the future, TMNZ has provided a way that allows them to pay in flexible monthly instalments,” he says. “For instance, say a business owes provisional tax of $50,000.
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The Light Triad of Personality
 · Conversely, then, we could say that 77 percent of the variability in Dark Triad scores is accounted for by factors other than the Light Triad. In short, this finding means that the Light Triad is
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Five Years of Tech Diversity Reports—and Little Progress
In 2014, when Silicon Valley companies began disclosing the demographics of their workforces, advocates hoped for change. It hasn’t worked out that way.
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Five grocery industry trends to watch
Five grocery industry trends are shaping the future of the grocery store. Understanding them is key for grocers to achieve profitable growth. In the past two decades, e-commerce has altered customer shopping behaviors and transformed the US retail landscape from brick and mortar to omnichannel.
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Never say anything in anger and never accuse or criticise. Simply state the facts in a dispassionate way. For example You could offer in writing to take a similar test whilst being observed. It is unlikely that you will be taken up on this but the fact that you have
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The unwelcome revival of ‘race science’
 · Another way to establish the extent to which IQ is determined by nature rather than nurture would be to find identical twins separated at birth and subsequently raised in very different circumstances.
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Many Americans Say Other Faiths Can Lead to Eternal Life …

 · Fewer than half of evangelicals (47%) say many religions can lead to eternal life, down nine points in the course of a year, while 49% say theirs is the one, true faith. Among black Protestants, 49% take the view that many religions lead to everlasting life, a 10-point decline since 2007, while 45% see theirs as the one, true faith.
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Why Being a Middle Manager Is So Exhausting

is psychologically challenging to disengage from a task that requires one mindset and engage in another task that requires a the behavior of middle managers accounted for 22.3% of the variance