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Why will AR Apps struggle for engagement without ARCloud?

ARCore 1.20 Brings Persistence and Global Localization …

Two years ago, Google introduced Cloud Anchors in ARCore 1.2 to enable collaborative AR experiences across devices. In its latest release, ARCore removes a limitation in Cloud
ARCore 1.5 Support. Improved Battery-Life Performance. and more!

Augmented Reality (AR) software in 2020: ARKit vs. …

You can follow ARCore on GitHub, check issues, release dates, and source code. ARCore vs. ARKit in 2020 That’s the exciting part, let’s compare these technologies. You can guess they are unlikely to be fundamentally different in operation.
What can you do in ARCore right now? | Android Central

Google to Announce Release of ARCore at Mobile World …

It will open the floodgates for ARCore apps on the Play Store coinciding with the upcoming release of ARCore 1.0. Google has been working on mobile AR technology for some time. ARCore was preceded
14 new and notable Android apps and live wallpapers from the last week including DontKillMyApp. ARCore Depth Lab. and Lines of Play (6/20/20 - 6 ...

Google’s AR tools make it easier for apps to apply face …

 · The latest release of ARCore, version 1.7, can create a 468-point 3D mesh of a user’s face from just the front camera alone, good enough to apply slick filtering effects like the ones seen in this
How to install ARCore on an unsupported Android device

ARCore Developer Preview 2 Launches As Google …

Back in August of this year Google announced the release of a new developer tool, ARCore. What was interesting about ARCore is how this is Google’s John has been writing about and reviewing tech
ARCore support for Aryzon in Unity - Tracking - Aryzon

ARCore 1.2 adds collaborative AR experiences and …

ARCore 1.2 includes a few new exciting features. The first is called “Cloud Anchors” and it allows users to have collaborative AR experiences. Items that are created in the AR space sync to
Google ARCore gives Android users augmented reality without Tango - The Verge

How to install ARCore on all Android phones using …

 · UPDATE: ARCore has been released in v1.0 and 13 phones are actually now compatible with it. Some of them (like the S8+) were previously only activable through this hack, but now are officially compatible.. Read more on ARCore release on Google Blog.
Google shows off ARCore. its answer to Apple’s ARKit – TechCrunch
ARCore vs. ARKit: Google Counters Apple
It should come as no surprise that, as augmented reality expands into consumer markets, technology companies are shuffling to stake their holds on valuable territory. It should also, then, come as no surprise to see Google cleverly time their ARCore announcement with the upcoming iPhone 8 release …
Google's Latest Gift To Android Users: Brings Augment
ARCore vs AR Foundation
 · However, if you need functionality that is currently only available in the Google ARCore for Unity plugin, you should use the Google ARCore for Unity plugin. We will be moving more API surfaces to AR Foundation over time, but it will likely take us multiple months to migrate everything over.
Google getting ready to release big updates to its ARCore software - Critical Hit
Android 12 Developer Preview
 · Developer Preview 2 is now available, with the latest features and changes to try with your apps. Install a system image and update the tools to get started. During this phase we’re looking for your feedback, so please let us know what you think! Visit the feedback page to report an issue or request, or share your thoughts in a feature-specific survey.
Google shows how its ARCore will take on Apple's ARKit | BGR India
Google unveils ARCore, its answer to Apple’s ARKit
 · Google noted in the release that it’s already been building 3D tools like Blocks and Tilt Brush so that developers can create AR content, which would fit in nicely with ARCore.
ARCore؛ فریم‌ورک واقعیت افزوده گوگل در MWC 2018 از راه می‌رسد - زومیت

Google launches ARCore out of preview, will expand …

 · 100 million ARCore devices When Google first announced ARCore, the company promised to have ARCore support 100 million devices with the launch of version 1.0. Google says it …
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ARCore 1.0 just released; Android AR apps incoming
The full launch of Google’s ARCore for Android took place on February 23rd, 2018. Google suggested that while just 13 Android smartphones work with ARCore right now, more are in the pipeline.…