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To earmark something is to set it aside for a specific purpose. If you’re saving money to spend it in a particular way — whether it’s for college or a fancy new pair of shoes — you have earmarked that money. earmark To earmark something is to set it aside for a specific purpose. something is to set it aside for a specific purpose.
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 · Earmarking means to set money aside for a specific purpose.
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Earmarked synonyms, earmarked antonyms
Synonyms for earmarked in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for earmarked. 23 synonyms for earmark: set aside, reserve, label, flag, tag, allocate, designate, mark out, keep
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After they were exposed spending billions of taxpayer dollars for earmarked projects like museums, artificial lungs, and VIP air transports for senior generals, bureaucrats, and lawmakers, Congress supposedly reformed the practice of earmarking–first in 2007 by the Democrats in the majority, and again in 2011 by the Republicans in the majority, who claimed to have banned them altogether.
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earmarked account中文_earmarked account是什么意思

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earmarked loans中文_earmarked loans是什么意思

earmarked loans的中文翻譯,earmarked loans怎么讀,例句,earmarked loans是什么意思,earmarked loans in Chinese,earmarked loans的中文,版權所有違者必究。
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Funds Reservation used in term of Earmarked Funds …

 · Contents Funds Reservation in Earmarked Funds. 2 Configuration of Earmarked fund. 3 Assign Field Status variant to Company Code. 3 Define Field Status Groups. 3 Define Field Selection String. 4 Assign Field Define Field Selection String Use In this step, you can define the field selection strings – that is, you can specify which fields are ready for entry, required or hidden during Earmarked
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COVID ‘Relief’ Package Has $3.5 Billion Earmarked for Bill …

 · Hidden in the last few pages of the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion “COVID-19 relief” bill is a shocking provision earmarking at least $3.5 billion to a globalist foundation backed by multibillionaire Bill Gates. This revelation lends credence to mounting criticism that the pork-filled package — which is supposed to help struggling Americans — is yet another colossal waste of taxpayer money.
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Earmarked funding to multilateral organisations: how is it used …

 · PDF 檔案 · Earmarked funding has considerably increased, both in absolute and relative terms, since the early 2000s. iiiBetween 2000 and 2010 alone, the volume of earmarked contributions from DAC countries to multilateral organisations rose from USD 2.7 billion to USDiv
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Sites earmarked include Lockside, Navigation Road, Waterhouse Lane, Writtle Telephone Exchange and Galleywood Reservoir. Manor Farm This land in the east of Chelmsford could potentially hold 250 homes. Read More Related Articles This is the full story
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