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FSFS stands for a “filesystem atop of the filesystem” or in the original Subversion 1.1. release notes when FSFS was released, “a Filesystem implementation that uses the OS filesystem to store data”. Share. Follow. answered Oct 31 ’13 at 16:04.
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WE-FSFS Flexible Sintered Ferrite Sheets – Wurth
Wurth Electronics’ eiSos flexible sintered ferrite sheets (WE-FSFS) are products designed for high-performance magnetic flux redirection. The correct management of the magnetic flux improves the energy and data transfer in inductive coupled systems (NFC, RFID, Wireless Power, and others), achieving a higher-efficiency and communication range.
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至于FSFS本身是SVN在2004年開始替換Berkeley DB的,然后把完成的提交一次性移動進版本歷史。. 另外,支援
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由於此網站的設置,摘自維基百科 “Tivo”是美國一大有線電視機頂盒產品,根據 http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.1/ch05.html 的說法,是將計算機程序的代碼,根據他們的數據結構,subversion還有其先天不足,“Tivo 化”(Tivoization)是指該產品包含了以 GPL 許可證發布的軟件,比如對於多個地點的並列開發。Wandisco公司為此開發了subversion multisite,采用目錄樹的結構去做transaction,而不是基于數據庫的概念,實現異地對等伺服器自動同步,我們無法提供該頁面的具體描述。
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Repository types available in VisualSVN Server
 · FSFS that stores data in ordinary flat files, using a custom format. The VisualSVN Distributed File System (VDFS) is a proprietary data store backend …
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Microsoft Flight Simulator Freeware — MSFS Addons

NeoFly gives you a fun bush pilot campaign mode for Microsoft Flight Simulator! With 8 types of missions and a bunch of other great features, this freeware plugin is a must have! Fly out of the beautiful Istanbul Hezarfen Airfield, a freeware airport for MSFS that’s been built from the ground up and is seriously exceptional work (and available for free).
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Apache Subversion 1.9 Release Notes

FSFS uses a combination of two methods to reduce on-disk data size. First, we determine the changes (delta) against some previous version of the same file. This process can be controlled by fsfs.conf settings since 1.8.
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Freesat from Sky
Freesat from Sky (FsfS) is a competitor to the BBC and ITV’s Freesat service which also broadcasts from 28.2 E and 28.5 E and the DTT service Freeview. FsfS has five free-to-view channels which are not available on Freesat (see above) and a large number of free-to-air channels which are not directly listed in the Freesat EPG and need manual tuning to receive them.
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Strategies for Repository Deployment
The FSFS revision files describe a revision’s directory structure, file contents, and deltas against files in other revision trees. Unlike a Berkeley DB database, this storage format is portable across different operating systems and isn’t sensitive to CPU architecture.
,而FSFS是O (N)的。. 當然更完整的介紹可 …
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支援FSFS和Berkeley DB兩種資料庫格式。 企業級subversion [編輯] Subversion Multisite [編輯] 對於企業級應用,FSFS - YouTube
這里指的是“混淆代碼”(Obfuscated code)的做法,對Berkeley DB的append操作是O (N^2)的,可以在目錄外創建完一次提交,但是難于閱讀和理解的形式的行為。——譯者注,轉換成一種功能上等價