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Geographic segmentation
Geographic segmentation is a popular marketing strategy commonly used by business owners and marketers to group and serve their customers based on their location and preferences. Small businesses with a broad demographic customer base use mostly geographic segmentation. There are several types of marketing segmentation apart from geographical segmentation…
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While using geographic segmentation, the company might launch different products for that particular market or might also use different marketing strategy to attract the said geography. For example – In a diverse and multi lingual country like India, global …

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Geographic Segmentation Geographic segmentation o Market segmentation based on from MARKETING 1003MKT at Griffith University Demographic segmentation Market segmentation based on demographic variables, which are the vital and social characteristics of populations, such as age, education, gender family structure, race, ethnicity and income.
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Geographic Segmentation subdivides the market according to geographical locations. The geographic variables cause the customer to differ from one region to another. It could be due to climate, population, natural resources, cultural practices or social behaviour.
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 · PDF 檔案Geographic Segmentation: The following are some example of geographic variables often used for segmentation: Region: By Continent, Country, State or by neighbourhood also Size of metropolitan area: Segmented according to population size Steps in 1
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Geographic segmentation also enables a company to avoid areas where competition is severe and to select areas where competition is low. Demographic Segmentation Demographic segmentation involves dividing the market into groups based on different variables such as age, gender, family size, family life cycle, income, occupation, education, religion, race, and nationality.
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Geographic Variables A marketer can use pure geographic segmentation or a hybrid of geographic and demographic variables to segment the market. Geographic segmentation is useful when there are geographic locational differences in consumption patterns
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Segmentation Base Description of each main consumer segmentation base Geographic Segmenting by country, region, city or other geographic basis. Demographic Segmenting based on identifiable population characteristics, such as age, occupation, marital
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Geographic segmentation involves selecting potential markets according to where the y are located. This segmentation approach may consider variables such as climate, terrain, na tural
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Segmentation based on where prospective customers live or work is referred to as geographic segmentation. Variables that are based on some objective physical (gender, ethnicity), measurable (age, income), or other classification attribute (occupation) of prospective customers are used in which segmentation basis?
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Geographic criteria—nations, states, regions, countries, cities, neighborhoods, or zip codes–define geographic market segments. Geography represents the oldest basis for segmentation. Regional differences in consumer tastes for products are well known, such as
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Geographic Segmentation Base Advantages Considers cultural differences of different regions Good for firms with limited geographic reach needing to select a specific target market Great when there is significant socio-economic diversity and significant consumer
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Demographic segmentation based on age: One of the most important variables for demographic segmentation is age. A generation is a set of people who were born during the same era, grew up with the same type of experiences with some geographic segmentation .