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Hunting knives and their uses
 · Along the way it developed into a “Utility Knife,” and has many uses around the camp like digging holes. driving tent pegs, splitting wood, etc. But most guys who carried Bowies on the frontier “for real” also carried other knives for other purposes.
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26 Survival Uses for a Knife

For all hunting, but especially for fishing, a spear with some kind of hook or barb will make a world of difference, so having a hunting knife with a gut hook is preferable. If this is your only knife then it will also help with gutting fish later for the fire.
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10 Different Types of Knives You Should Know
Primary uses of a hunting knife While shopping, think about all the actions in which you will engage. Some hunting knives are best for gutting and field dressing, others are ideal for skinning and deboning, while others make light work of even the actual act of
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When To Use The Serrated Edge On A Survival Knife?

a serrated knife can come in handy while hunting or creating more hunting tools by cutting and sharpening through them. SHELTER Without proper shelter, a person is prone to dying faster out in the wild. A rugged knife can be used to cut saplings In the
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The Five Best Hunting Knives Ever Made
 · The hunting knives listed here made the cut, as it were, because they were revolutionary in their time or because they worked so well that they influenced knife design thereafter.
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 · As mentioned earlier, we’ve got nearly three dozen different hunting knife reviews for you to check out. These knives exhibit a variety of designs, uses, price points, and materials so you can get a better idea of what you truly need a knife. Hopefully, we’ll give you an
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Five Best Hunting Tools
If you are still hunting, flagging tape wrapped on a tree branch every 25 yards or so will help you find your way back out if starts to get dark on you. There are so many uses for flagging tape that it really is a must have item. Pocket Knife A pocket knife is a blade
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12 Types of Knife Blades and What They’re For

A knife is one of the oldest and most useful tools that you can own, but there are many different types and some are better suited to particular tasks than others. There’s more than one way to skin a cat, so the saying goes. However strange the idea of doing that
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Hunting Knife
 · The Hunting Knife is a bladed melee weapon and multipurpose tool in DayZ Standalone.The Hunting Knife, along with the Combat Knife and the Steak Knife, has the distinctive ability to be stored inside of Military Boots, saving inventory space or, if used as the primary melee weapon, making the player’s profile smaller.
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The 7 Best Camping & Hiking Knives – [2021 Reviews]
 · The knife is made by Gerber, one of my all-time favorite knife makers, and sponsored by Bear Grylls, one of my all-time least favorite “survival” gurus. If you don’t like the half-serrated knife blade, which renders half the blade useless for most tasks, it is also available in a non-serrated “Fine-Edge” model as well.
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The 10 Best Fixed-Blade Knives
 · Uses: Hunting 10. Gerber StrongArm The Gerber StrongArm is another knife on this list that is built for hard use. The 4.87-inch drop-point blade is a good size and design for most cutting tasks, whether that be self-defense or outdoors use. Additionally, it is flat
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The Best Knife Reviews
Hunting Knives This section is devoted to the finding the best hunting knife. I will discuss the best knives for deer hunting, wild boars, & skinning. There will also be reviews on folding and fixed blade hunting knives. Finally there will be some general articles on
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Tanto Blade Uses – Advantages & Disadvantages
Tanto blades are a type of knife originally used in feudal Japan. Tanto is Japanese for short blade and they were used by the famous Samurai class as a secondary weapon of defense and assassination. The design of Tanto knives has become a little more decorative over the years, however there are still highly functional versions as well, so much so that they have made their way to North America.