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 · Your expensive drink offers 124.5mg per dollar, while you’re getting 121.8mg per dollar for the McDonalds. 7-Eleven’s coffee is the only one that beat Starbucks by the milligram, offering 129mg per dollar for a cup, and you’ll pay $2.17 there.
60-shot Starbucks coffee is the chain's most expensive drink ever | Fox News
Why Is Starbucks Coffee So Expensive
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Is Starbucks an Expensive Stock?

Starbucks has had a great run over the past year. But at all-time highs, is the stock too expensive? It depends. /* setting alt tags to “” since that is the a11y recommendation given that the property name is the text of the href *. Yahoo Finance
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 · Yet at a Starbucks in Beijing, a grande latte goes for about $4.80—or a dollar more than what it costs in the United States. A simple beverage of espresso and steamed milk is pretty damned expensive in China. Considering this, it’s a small miracle that
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is Starbucks expensive for you? For me it’s not :)?
 · Many people say Starbucks is expensive but for me the price is actually very worth it. Here a starbucks Grande Latte costs $1.95 and i find it cheap actually. You get sofa seats, airconditioning , 3 newspapers to read, good music, and an unlimited supply of milk over the counter. At most stores here a latte of the same size, lower quality, hard wooden chairs and no newspapers to read costs $1
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 · Preferably, I think Starbucks is a bit overpriced, but I still love it. The cost will depend on the sizes For hot chocolate, a tall is $2.20, a grande is $2.45, and a venti is $2.70. Since you will be getting two, it will be $4.40 for two tall’s, $4.90 for two grande’s, and $5.40
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 · Here, Starbucks represents something less than a big indulgence. But stepping up to the Starbucks counter in the most costly countries feels like a far bigger extravagance. Nothing matches the luxe indulgence of ordering a latte in Russia, where the tab would feel like spending $12 for the drink here at …
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 · Think your last Starbucks order was expensive? Think again. On Saturday, a customer the blog Consumerist identified only as “Andrew” allegedly ordered a …
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Is Starbucks too expensive
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 · Starbucks’ new cup is more sustainable, more expensive 29 mins ago Louisiana Daily News Popular coffeehouse chain, Starbucks, is aiming to become more environmentally friendly by promoting the use of reusable cups to its customers in one U.S. location.
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Starbucks’ cost for a coffee is $1. Unless you sit
The cost for Starbucks to make a cappuccino is $1. The full cost, however, is over $10 when you stay for a while in parts of Manhattan.I travel extensively for work and I first realized this when visiting Honk Kong, where the price of prime real estate is $ 4,600 per square foot, slightly below NY’s Fifth Avenue record of $5,500 or $60,500 per square meter.
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Why Starbucks In China Is So Expensive
Starbucks in China is expensive, but they are not just selling fancy lattes, funky teas, and crappy coffee, they are selling what the Chinese really want. It is definitely a symbol of status. For the same reason my colleagues in Korea would buy a cup of Starbucks in
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In addition to Russia, Starbucks lattes are also enormously expensive in Vietnam (averaging an equivalent $8.18, adjusted for American consumers), Thailand ($8.04), and India ($7.99).