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 · PDF 檔案Denning felt rightly that the owner should insure. Yet, in Levison v. Patent Steam Cleaning Co.,20 where the plaintiff consumer had insured a carpet for £900 and the cleaners had not returned it, Denning was prepared 12 S. Waddams, “Lord Denning: A
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THE DISCIPLINE OF LAW. By The Rt. Hon. Lord Denning,

 · PDF 檔案powers. Lord Denning has administered some notable checks to bureaucracy in his time, and the language of his judgments on abuse of governmental power is reminiscent of the constitutional struggles of the seventeenth century. The cases on the abuse of
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Alfred Denning, Baron Denning
Alfred Thompson “Tom” Denning, Baron Denning OM PC QC DL (23 January 1899 – 5 March 1999), commonly known as Lord Denning, was an English lawyer and judge. He gained degrees in mathematics and law at Oxford University, although his studies were disrupted by his service in …
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Errington v Errington 1952
Lord Denning LJ concluded : “The father’s promise was a unilateral contract – a promise of the house in return for their act of paying the instalments. It could not be revoked by him once the couple entered on performance of the act, but it would cease to bind him
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 · PDF 檔案Denning 1 also hope that Lord Denning, in whose honour this annual lecture was established more than 20 years ago, would have thought it a fitting subject for a lecture named after him. I cannot resist telling you that I met Lord Denning several times. I of him. In
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When a ship is an ‘arrived ship’
 · Lord Denning in the English Court of Appeal, in following the New York decision said “The merchants and shipping men on both sides of the Atlantic used the same standard form of contract, and the same words or phrases. There should be interpreted in the
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 · PDF 檔案and in the Express case, per Lord Denning M.R. [19791 I.C.R. 218 c‘ an act must give practical support . . . and not merely moral ” to one side). Using such tests, “ secondary picketing ” was said to be unprotected: Assoc. Newspapers Group Ltd. v. v.
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The Bolam Test: An Unfair Decision in the Torts of …

In London Transport Executive v Betts[2], Lord Denning dissented in two cases in the House of Lords in 1959 and 1960 on the question of precedent. In the first case referred to supra he said: “it seems to me that when a particular precedent, even in your Lordship
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The Mind of Lord Denning
Lord Denning has long been an icon among lawyers within the common law tradition. In the words of Professor Smith, Lord Denning had made ‘extensive contribution’ to developing the law of contract. Indeed, he had brought to bear upon the law a certain warmth, freshness, vigour, vitality and, most importantly, humanity.
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 · PDF 檔案It would now seem to be clear from Lord Denning’s extra-judicial discussion of the ” judicial “/” administrative ” dichotomy in which he refers to the above cases that he would retract his use of that dichotomy in Ex parte Ostler. I11 Lord Denning has”/” “
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Define the concepts of applying and distinguishing a …

Explain when a jury is used to hear cases and why a jury is not used for negligence cases. The post Define the concepts of applying and distinguishing a case. When Lord Denning considered the case of Limpus v London General Omnibus Co did he apply it or
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Lord Denning, The Controversial ‘People’s Judge’ 18 …

Lord Hailsham, when Lord Chancellor, said: “The trouble with Tom Denning is he’s always re-making the law and we never know where we are. After his demise, Lord Hailsham had thi to say about Lord Denning ” He was obviously a very great judge and he will go down in history as one of the great and controversial judges of the 20th century”.
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