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Term 4 – MQC 條款 4 = 最低箱量 Term 5 = Service Commitments 條款 5 = 服務承諾 Term 6 = Rate Schedule 條款 5 = 費率表 Ocean Freight Broker is an entity which is engaged by a carrier to secure cargo for such carrier and/or offer for sale ocean
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The term container includes neither vehicles nor conventional packing. Container Freight Station (CFS) A facility for carriers for the (a) receiving of LCL cargo to be loaded into containers (export shipments) and (b) unloading of LCL containers (import shipments) by the carrier.
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NSA ESSENTIAL TERMS NSA # ORIGIN DESTINATION COMMODITY MQC DURATION 9900165-05 US ports/points worldwide ports/points Freight All Kinds 1 CBM 30 days notice 9900223-06 US ports/points worldwide ports/points Freight All Kinds 1 CBM 30
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Common term for an ocean going freight container. (a) Cancelled: rejected or voided due to no show; (b) Confirmed: acknowledged with firm acceptance; (c) Confirmed subject to space availability: acknowledged acceptance of booking subject to confirmation in
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What Are Ocean Container Rates?

Generally, when people refer to ocean container rates, they are either referring to fixed-rates (“contract rates”), or variable-rates (“spot rates”). For all containers moving in and out
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If you’ve met your MQC (minimum quantity commitment), check the ocean freight spot market for rates—you may find that current spot rates are lower than your annual contract rates. Similarly, U.S. van trucking volumes are down 16% year-over-year.
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What’s new in ocean cargo contracting?
In an ongoing effort to keep readers informed on the current state of ocean cargo shipping and contracting, we conducted a brief interview with one of the founders of Catapult International, a leading edge international shipping software and consulting firm.

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 · Negotiating freight contracts is a serious task. It takes time and ingenuity to get the best freight rates possible. Learn tips for the best rates. Negotiating freight contracts is a time-consuming process. It is not just a matter of sitting down with a carrier, they name a price, and you agree to it.
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Much has been written about the challenges manufacturers face because of the U.S. government’s shifting approach to trade. At the
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Glossary of freight related terms, explaining everything from accessorial charges to wharfage. Group Live Demo Join our live webinar every Thursday 10:00 AM EST to get an introduction to Xeneta platform.
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However, the indications are that “January may be the peak month of the 2020 to 2021 contract season,” as the demand remains in place in the short term. It is likely that the current state of affairs will prevail in the early part of the New Year, and Monroe warns, “A typical cargo ready date to be delivered in DC, was approximately five weeks in 2019.
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MQC [minimum quantity commitment] divided by 50 or 52 [weeks] is just not going to cut it anymore. If you cannot predict [quantity] well, you will end up paying more. In this kind of market, if you award a carrier or supplier five boxes a week and you only bring three boxes a week, It is expected that the carrier will cut your allocation to three boxes only.
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What’s new in ocean cargo contracting?
Motsick: Medium and large shippers prefer to negotiate the price and minimum quantity commitment (MQC) directly with the ocean carriers and then let the freight forwarder take care of the bookings and customs clearance.
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