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 · Background Dysglycemia is frequently observed in patients with sepsis. However, the relationship between dysglycemia and outcome is inconsistent. We evaluate the clinical characteristics, glycemic abnormalities, and the relationship between the initial glucose level and mortality in patients with sepsis. Methods This is a retrospective sub-analysis of a multicenter, prospective cohort study
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 · PDF 檔案sepsis • The effect of blood glucose control on mortality and morbidity of patients with sepsis.} T or Car sing 201 V 11 3 60 ` Blood glucose control in sepsis: a comprehensive narrative review
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Sepsis is the leading cause of admission to critical care units worldwide, with increasing research and publications reflecting this. Tight control of the blood glucose concentration can reduce morbidity and mortality but the obtained values can be influenced by the method of measurement. Increasing awareness of interactions with patients and relatives can make or break relationships between
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 · Tight glucose control during sepsis has been shown to be associated benefit in survival , , , and is now a part of the Surviving Sepsis Campaign Guidelines . The association between severity of illness, hyperglycemia and outcome is clear, but all patients with severe infections, even with organ failure, do not develop hyperglycemia and some will have increased blood glucose even in milder …
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Sepsis is the third leading cause of death in neonates after asphyxia and low birth weight babies (LBW). Abnormal blood glucose, both hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, were common metabolic changes in neonatal sepsis. This condition can higher the risk of
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 · Sepsis represents a leading cause of death in the ICU of modern hospitals killing around 250,000 Americans per year 1,2,3.There is no effective treatment by the FDA for severe sepsis and most
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 · For example, insulin-independent glucose uptake may be inhibited in sepsis in some cells by down-regulation of the glucose transporter, GLUT-4, whilst expression of insulin-dependent glucose transporters is increased in the presence of cytokines.
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Glucose levels may be elevated, with or without a known history of diabetes mellitus, due to the stress response and altered glucose metabolism. [97] van Vught LA, Wiewel MA, Klein Klouwenberg PM, et al. Admission hyperglycemia in critically ill sepsis patients: association with outcome and host response.
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 · Just like glucose, lactate may also serve as a substrate for metabolism. Especially in stress (such as sepsis), lactate, through several “shuttles”, provides a source of cellular energy. The first is the organ-to-organ lactate shuttle. Lactate released by muscle is taken
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Sepsis represents a spectrum of disease with mortality risk ranging from moderate (eg, 10%) to substantial (eg, > 40%) depending on various pathogen and host factors along with the timeliness of recognition and provision of appropriate treatment. Septic shock is a subset of sepsis with significantly increased mortality due to severe abnormalities of circulation and/or cellular metabolism.
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 · Background Hyperglycemia is a frequent and important metabolic derangement that accompanies severe sepsis and septic shock. Matrix-Metalloproteinase 9 (MMP-9) has been shown to be elevated in acute stress hyperglycemia, chronic hyperglycemia, and in patient with sepsis. The objective of this study was to examine the clinical and pathogenic link between MMP-9 and blood glucose …
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Sepsis may lead to blood glucose derangements. Data regarding optimal blood glucose ranges in the non-pregnant patient are inconclusive. 24 However, measures should be taken to avoid hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic episodes in a pregnant woman.
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While early studies suggested tight blood glucose control during sepsis may decrease the rate of infectious complications and improve outcomes in patients with sepsis, 53,54 more recent randomized control trials and meta-analyses showed that intensive 53,54