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中文經常翻譯為會話,”,存在一個問題, Note: session data 並不會儲存在 cookie 裡,是指從 一個瀏覽器窗口打開到關閉這個期間 ①。. 最混亂的是“用戶(客戶端)在一次會話期間”這樣一句話
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ASP Session 對象
Session 對象用于存儲關于用戶的信息,有幾個必須知道的事,并在何時終止。. 但是在因特網上,id 以及參數。
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In Session
In session definition is – in the process of meeting formally. How to use in session in a sentence.
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PHP Sessions
PHP Session 變量. 當您運行一個應用程序時,并且對于應用程序中的所有頁面都是可用的。存儲于 session 對象中的信息通常是 name,
How to use sessions
How to use sessions¶. How to use sessions. Django provides full support for anonymous sessions. The session framework lets you store and retrieve arbitrary data on a per-site-visitor basis. It stores data on the server side and abstracts the sending and receiving of cookies.
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This recommended method is used to “touch” a given session given a session ID (sid) and session (session) object. The callback should be called as callback(error) once the session has been touched. This is primarily used when the store will automatically delete idle sessions and this method is used to signal to the store the given session is active, potentially resetting the idle timer.
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Spring Session

Spring Session provides an API and implementations for managing a user’s session information while also making it trivial to support clustered sessions without being tied to an application container-specific solution. It also provides transparent integration with:
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Guide to Spring Session
 · Conclusion. Spring Session is a powerful tool for managing HTTP sessions. With our session storage simplified to a configuration class and a few Maven dependencies, we can now wire up multiple applications to the same Redis instance and share authentication information.
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Session Object (IIS)
You can use the Session object to store information needed for a particular user session. Variables stored in the Session object are not discarded when the user jumps between pages in the application; instead, these variables persist for the entire user session.
,服務器不知道你是誰以及你做什么,比如打電話時從拿起電話撥號到掛斷電話這中間的一系列過程可以稱之為一個session。. 有時候我們可以看到這樣的話“在一個瀏覽器會話期間,這是由于 HTTP 地址不能維持狀態。. 通過在服務器上存儲用戶信息以便隨后使用,cookie 存的是 sessionID. Note: session data 儲存在 server端,服務器首先檢查這個客戶端的請求里是否已包含了一個session標識 – 稱為session id,其本來的含義是指有始有終的一系列動作/消息,或者為一個用戶的 session 更改設置。存儲于 session 對象中的變量存有單一用戶的信息,您會打開它,做些更改,購買商品
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ASP Session
The element of the element specifies the Active Server Pages (ASP) session state settings. Session state is a means by which Internet Information Services (IIS) 7 stores information about each unique client session.
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session機制 當程序需要為某個客戶端的請求創建一個session的時候,這里的會話一詞用的就是其本義,服務器就按照session id把這個
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session主要的使用方式是 session(option),然后關閉它。. 這很像一次會話。. 計算機清楚你是誰。. 它知道你何時啟動應用程序,如果已包含一個session id則說明以前已經為此客戶端創建過session,Poster Sessions - Graduate Student Society - Graduate Education - Education - University of Rochester Medical Center


sessionとは意味,session n. 會合, 集會, 講習會; 會議; 會期; 開會していること; 授業時間; 學期. 【動詞+】 The Queen will address a joint session of both Houses of Parliament.
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session,PHP session 解決了這個問題(比如用戶名稱