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Termite Protection 101
Learn more about what termite protection means for your home, and how Cingo provides proactive pest control measures to eliminate the pests from your home. Warranties with a retreat-only option guarantee that if you get termites, the company will retreat for no
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Termite Protection
Termite monitoring involves the use of unobtrusive termite bait stations, which are placed around the perimeter of your property to detect termite activity. Your Rentokil Termite Expert will routinely monitor these stations for termite activity. This method can be used at
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Termite Protection
Termite protection is paramount for new homeowners. Termite infestations are a serious problem because termites can cause damage both in and around your home. With the Masters of Pest Control, you have safe pest control options that can protect your home
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For termite protection, we carry both Termidor and Sentricon. Termidor is a professional termite defense product that is effective on native subterranean termites, Formosan termites and drywood termites. Utilizing an advanced non repellent (undetectable) liquid
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BuildShield Termite Protection
BuildShield Termite and BuildShield Firestop Protection are a 2 part system consisting of a PVC extrusion and an adhesive stainless steel barrier. The combination of inedible plastic and high strength puncture resistant stainless steel creates an impenetrable barrier to termite intrusion into your home or …
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Is Termite Control Worth It?

 · A termite protection plan is more than just a standard pest control plan. In addition to regular termite inspections and control as necessary, a termite protection plan will also include what’s called a ‘termite bond.’ This usually takes the form of an agreement The
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Pre-Construction Termite Protection Barriers
There are many termite management options for new homes, yet not all termite protection is the same. You only get one chance to specify your termite management system, which means choosing a proven, non-poisonous pre-construction termite barrier could …
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Termite Reticulation
We are leading termite management ageny, who help Termite Reticulation, Termite Protection and Termite Prevention Termite Reticulation Systems At Pre Con Pest we supply and install the Altis Termite Reticulation System. We believe this is one of the most
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TermiAbond® Termite Protection
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Termite Home Inspection
Doing your own termite inspection at home can definitely seem intimidating but the following tips can help you perform a thorough and successful termite inspection right at home. We do recommend you get a professional inspection every few years especially if you have a home that has wood that comes into contact with the ground or if your home has areas that are difficult to inspect.
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Australia’s termite management standard revised
Standards Australia has today published a revision of AS 3660.2—2017, Termite management Part 2: In and around existing buildings and structures. This Standard works with AS 3660.1–2014 Termite management Part 1: New building work providing tools to manage termite risks to both existing structures and after construction of new buildings.
Physical Termite Protections vs Chemical Termite Barriers
Termite Protection in Melbourne
The termite protection cost can vary based on the size of the property, the extent of the infestation, and the termite protection methods used. Submit an Enquiry Today If you need to get rid of white ants on your property, get in touch with the experts at Fumapest Termite & Pest Control today.
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Termite Control
The Advance Termite Bait System Kits contain everything you need to completely and professionally bait your home for termite protection and control. Buy kits with either 10, 15 or 20 stations. A spider tool is included to make opening the stations much easier.